Wednesday nights at Henry Street Taproom is all about the Wheel of Indecision. What the heck it that? Glad you asked, because the Wheel of Indecision can both save you money and help you discover great new beers.

Here’s how it works… When you’re ready to order you simply ask to spin the wheel. Your server will bring you the wheel, which has a slot for every beer currently on draft plus one labeled “You Pick” which shouldn’t need any further explanation. Next, try to channel all those Wheel of Fortune skills you acquired as a kid, during sick days, and give it a spin. Whatever beer the wheel lands on is yours for just $5, regardless of what it’s listed for on the board. You can play each time you order a beer, but just one spin per person, per order.

Don’t worry, if you’re not in the mood to test fate, you can always place your order the boring way and pay full price.


  • Wednesdays – open to close
  • Spin the Wheel of Indecision to get a beer for just $5
  • Play each time you order a beer

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Please note that we routinely check up on these, but deals are subject to change.