The much-anticipated Pitney Meadows Community Farm project aims to bridge the gap between agriculture and community.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing historic pieces of our city revitalized and repurposed, which is exactly what’s happening with the movement to rebuild Pitney Farm. Family-owned and operated by the Pitney family since 1862, the entire 168 acres is transforming into an agricultural center for the Saratoga Springs community.

Headed up by a non-profit group now called Pitney Meadows Community Farm, the idea was first brought to the table five years ago by Granville farmer Mike Kilpatrick, who was joined by Argyle’s Pleasant Valley Farm owners Paul and Sandy Arnold. The project is set to become an incredible resource not only for local farmers, but for the community at large.

There are so many aspects we’re excited for, but here are six of our favorites:

A Farm Within the City

Pitney Meadows Community Farm is less than two miles from downtown, making it easily accessible to those living in the heart of the city, and it’s in close proximity to several other major community centers, like Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the YMCA and the Saratoga Springs High School. Although it’s surrounded by development, the 168 acres still feels rural and will be continue to be preserved.

Cultivation of Community

The finished project will serve as the epicenter for agricultural gathering, whether that be for educational purposes, volunteering, or just to pick up your weekly produce. The Community Gardens, which will invite community members to grow their own food, will be an interactive way to reconnect neighbors and families to each other and the soil.


Pitney Meadow Farm aims to stand as an educational center for current farmers, future farmers, families and novices, through programs such as a training farm, the community gardens, and regular community events. These programs will offer tangible experiences with growing produce, access to farming equipment and help from the experts. There’s also talk of adding a teaching and processing kitchen to educate the community on cooking with seasonal bounty.

Fresh Produce

The current plans include a large building to serve as both a farm store and a distribution center for the region’s agricultural products. You’ll be able to grab fresh, local produce year-round.

Nature Trails

Keeping with the theme of healthy living, the property will feature a series of nature trails, winding through the fields, woods and marshes on the 168 acres. We’re pretty certain it’ll quickly land itself on our list of Favorite Quick and Mostly Painless Hikes.

Preservation of History

Like we mentioned, we’re always a fan of anything that aims to breath new life into historic aspects of our city. The Pitney Meadow Farm Project is currently renovating 11 historic buildings and transforming them into spaces to serve the farm and the community, while maintaining the integrity of their original purposes.

We’re so looking forward to all that Pitney Meadow Community Farm has planned. When you visit, keep an eye out for us honing our farming skills at our very own raised bed.