When a local brewery offers a deal this good, we do 'Beer and a Movie'. Not to worry, I’ve got the food covered too.

The weekend may be a perfect time to get out, catch up, and live life – but Tuesday has a couple of great advantages (sorry, Saturday).

Put food and films together, and you have a classic combo for a date night. Whether you’re looking to stay in budget, or simply get out of the house, both Druthers and Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas offer some fantastic deals on Tuesday nights. We like to pair them up for a fun and affordable night out.

Druthers Saratoga Springs

First, the beer! Every Tuesday at Druthers, from open until close, pints are just $3.00. Even better, If you can make it in time for their daily happy hour, from 3 – 6pm, you can also get $2 off apps and wings (wine and cocktails too if you’re not beer drinker). That’s $2 per item btw. If you can’t get there before 6:00, don’t worry, the beers are still only $3! When you think about how many items your meal consists of, these add up to a great savings.

Criterion Cinema Downtown Saratoga

After food and drinks at Druthers, the movie theater is just a few blocks away. On Tuesdays, showings at the Bow Tie Criterion are just $6.00 per ticket instead of the usual $12.50 (some holidays excluded). That means two for the price of one! While you might be ok with splurging on an Oscar-nominated film, why not use this weeknight deal for a fun comedy or other lighthearted date material.

Don’t get me wrong, weekends are fantastic. Sometimes we just need a treat before Friday comes along. Some cheap (and awesome) beer plus half-off at the movies is just the motivation we need to get off our butts and out the door.