It would be strange if a fashion student turned social responsibility director for a diamond company didn’t create an eco-friendly jewelry line. Good thing we don’t have to worry about that!

Razimus Jewelry, an eco-designed and handmade jewelry line is created locally, here in Malta, NY, by Virginia Fretto, that fashion student turned social responsibility director I was telling you about.

Fretto has tapped into her past experiences and her life journey for living as natural a lifestyle as possible. As a result, Fretto has redefined traditional jewelry, creating fabric stacking bracelets and statement necklaces from plant-dyed silk, organic cotton, and upcycled and vintage deconstructed clothing.

If her jewelry styles didn’t make you swoon enough, she’s reducing waste, supporting organic fabric production, and giving new life to vintage garments one bracelet at a time. It has never felt this good to look so good.

With her brand on the rise, we felt it was time to sit down with Fretto to see what’s new and happening with her and Razimus Jewelry.

When did you start your company?

I started Razimus Jewelry in April of 2012 – I was three months pregnant at the time.

You started a business when you were 3 months pregnant? That’s hardcore!

Ha, yeah! I was ready for a change career-wise and I wanted one that promoted my daily values of a natural lifestyle. My desire for living and supporting this type of lifestyle only became more amplified by the birth of my child, so I feel lucky to have taken the risk at the time. It has really been so fulfilling on so many levels!!

What drew you to fabric jewelry?

It was a natural progression with my fashion background. I was always in my element working with fabric and creating hand-sewn designs. That background, paired with my love for big, bold jewelry is what inspired the Razimus Jewelry concept. While I was designing clothes or working on the computer, I would always end up taking my jewelry off because it just got in the way. I also felt this same way, wearing big clunky jewelry when I was taking care of my baby. I felt like I didn’t have jewelry that you could wear all day, all the time. So creating a comfortable product that gave you the drama and boldness of statement jewelry was my vision.

What makes Razimus Jewelry so unique?

Well, it’s an eco-friendly brand, meaning all of our materials are either upcycled (A.K.A. repurposed), organic or made from vintage clothing. It’s also super comfortable to wear and our designs look great layered with your other bracelets. The magnetic clasp is also a cool feature – you can even get your bracelets on with one hand.

As a local brand, why do you think it’s important to support local businesses?

It’s a sustainability thing. Buying local is important for our environment and helps support the economy in our area – it’s a win-win. I shop local for my vintage fabrics and collaborate with a number of local artists and businesses for aspects of production and packaging – so we can really cross-promote and all grow together.

Where can I buy Razimus Jewelry? I need to get me some of that!

We are available in several stores all over the country but here in Saratoga we are available at the National Racing Museum, in the gift shop. If you are ever in Schenectady you can also find us at The Open Door Bookstore and Gift Gallery or in Amsterdam at June’s Gift Boutique as well as our online store at

We will also be launching a new Brand Ambassador program in March which I’m super excited about. This program will allow you to host private Razimus Jewelry trunk shows where people can feel and wear the jewelry. Our Brand Ambassadors can then make commission on what they sell. It’s perfect for a ladies night or just a fun way to make an extra buck supporting a local business & product that you already love! This program is planned to roll out in March so join our mailing list to find out more!

So what’s your favorite thing to do here in Saratoga?

VF: I love a good cocktail, ha ha! So my go-to spot is Max London’s – they have great craft cocktails made with fresh juices and they source from local vendors which is important to me. I also love to go to Four Seasons where I know I can always find a delicious vegan meal. It’s a healthy option and I love taking my daughter there.