Three tasty versions of the Gin & Tonic as only Hamlet & Ghost can do it.

These may not be the gin and tonics your Grandma’s used to, but the simple cocktail has a similarly storied history. We’d like to say that heading to Hamlet & Ghost could cure a bit more than a long day, but we’ll let Mr. Churchill speak to this, so we don’t have to carry that liability…

“The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives and minds than all the doctors in the Empire.”
Winston Churchill

While the Brits may have been dodging malaria with doses of Indian quinine water (tonic) as they conquered tropical colonies, the only thing you’ll have to conquer is one (or all) of these perfected G&Ts.

Mr. Lyan-Style: Hendrick’s gin, elderflower tonic, watermelon ice cube

For the hottest days hidden away in the AC. An easy sweetness from the elderflower tonic, coupled with notes of cucumber in the gin makes for a cool favorite.

Pine Bush: St. George Terroir gin, Indian tonic

“It’s like chewing on a pine tree…it’s the old man of them.” That’s what we were told as we previewed the new cocktail menu. Die-hard gin fans, this is the way to go.

Botanical Romance: Black Button gin, mediterranean tonic, fresh thyme, dried fruit

Where’s the romance? It’s all in the tonic. With essential oils exclusively sourced from the Mediterranean shores you’ll fall in love with the herbaceous bouquet coupled with this New York spirit.