Morrissey's is one of Saratoga's newest hot spots. After eating and drinking our way through the menu, we get it.

If you live or spend a lot of time in Saratoga Springs, you may have heard of a man named John Morrissey. You know, he’s that Irish bare-knuckle boxer, Dead Rabbits gang criminal leader of the 1850s who later became a Democratic State Senator and U.S. Congressman. He also created that little summer sporting venue down the street known as the Saratoga Race Course. Yeah, that guy!

Well, if there was ever an establishment that could pay its respects to such a storied character, it is the bar that graces his very name, Morrissey’s, located in the newly renovated Adelphi Hotel. In the very building the prize fighter spent his remaining days, Morrissey’s is as pleasing to the eye as it is the palate.

With luscious, dark royal blue banquettes, herringbone wood floors and deep, armchair-like leather barstools, the room’s smart, masculine décor properly reflects a man of the same vein.

On the menu, a variety of small plates and shareable dishes including unique crudos from the raw-bar and wood fired pizzas make the perfect game plan when dining with a group of friends. Need some recommendations? You’re going to want to try the King Crab and the Tuna Tataki, both cleverly plated and quickly becoming favorites from the raw bar. As for the rest of the menu, the Bang Bang Porchetta Panini, Burrata Pizza and Crispy Chicken Thighs are still giving us life. And for dessert, the selection makes for a hard choice, but the Wee Sack of Potatoes made for our perfect last bite.

When it comes to beverages, go ahead and try anything on the menu. It’s edited enough to know that you can’t choose wrong. Featuring 8 signature cocktails with names all paying homage to Mr. Morrissey, we keep going back for the Sting Like a Bee, a delicious concoction of bourbon, Lillet Blanc, muddled orange, honey and black tea simple syrup. The wine selection was clearly created by someone who knows what they’re doing and a decent beer list rounds out the drink menu.

If you’re a local and you didn’t think you had a reason to venture into a hotel bar, now you do. Open daily at 11:00 a.m., Morrissey’s is a knock out for lunch, cocktails, or dinner. See what we did there?