Sometime near the end of college, around the beginning of that painful transition to the real world, you start to recognize that your parents are people too, and they’re probably cooler than you gave them credit for. You might also realize how little you actually know about their pre-minivan life. What better way to break that ice than over a couple of cocktails, followed by a few pints, in downtown Saratoga?

Worst case scenario, free drinks for you, because, hey, they’re the ones with the 401K plan. Best case scenario, over an excessively expensive scotch purchased by your straight-laced dad you learn that during the mid-eighties he randomly quit his job to camp for an extended period of time on a Caribbean island…

In honor of mom and dad, we put together a little guide for drinking in downtown with your parents. As any good night out goes, it starts with classy cocktails and ends with cheap domestics. Cheers!


Following the age-old adage “liquor before beer”, start the evening in style at one of these upscale locales, where the cocktail lists hold their own against acclaimed menus. Grab a bite to eat, because we wouldn’t want mom or dad drinking on an empty stomach.

15 Church

Salt & Char

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Fish at 30 Lake

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Depending on your post-dinner preferences, any of the below are perfect spots for a digestif, where the focus is on a good drink, whether that be craft cocktails (Hamlet & Ghost), fantastic beer (Henry Street Taproom) or smooth bourbon (Bourbon Room), and a fun atmosphere.

Hamlet & Ghost

Henry Street Taproom

Bourbon Room


Now that you’ve impressed them with your good taste, and everyone’s feeling the buzz, we’re comfortable making the following recommendations. Move on to one/all for a few fizzy nightcaps (and by that we mean anything in a can). At this point, keep close tabs, or you might find Mom busting a move in the Boom Boom Room.

Saratoga City Tavern

Desperate Annie’s

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Tin & Lint

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