‘Tis the season for eggnog and we’ve got some great local producers.

While it seems the exact historic lineage of Eggnog is still very much a mystery, most seem to agree it originated from the medieval British beverage “posset,” a warm milk drink. Monks in the 13th century were then known to add eggs to this concoction. By the 1700s, the drink crossed the pond and became a holiday staple in America.

The origin of the name Eggnog is also not exactly clear. Some say “nog” comes from the word “noggin,” meaning a wooden cup, or “grog,” meaning alcoholic beverage. By the late 18th century, the combined term “Eggnog” seemed to stick around. Hey, works for us! We just want to get to the drinking.
And calling all locals, bonus, we have several local dairy brands churning out high-quality Eggnog, all conveniently available. Whether you like yours spiked or straight up, here are three of our favorites.

Battenkill Valley Creamery

With more than a century in dairy farming under their belt, Battenkill Valley Creamery is now being overseen by the 4th and 5th generations in Salem, NY.

They were recently awarded the “Highest Quality Milk in New York State,” at the State Fair in Syracuse, which is used to make their seasonal Eggnog. So you do the math, their Eggnog is pretty damn delicious as well!

For a list of locations where you can buy this creamy goodness, as well as delivery options, visit the Battenkill Valley Creamery website. Of course you can also stop by their Creamery Store and Ice Cream shop.

King Brothers Dairy

The King family has been producing milk from their grass, corn and alfalfa-fed cows across the river in Schuylerville for over 100 years. The King Brothers not only make a delicious, high-quality Eggnog, they sell it at their farmstand where you will find dozens of other regional and specialty food products.
If you can’t make the short trip to Schuylerville, then look into their delivery service. Yes, they will deliver Eggnog, milk or anything else on their product list directly to you. Visit the King Brothers Dairy website for additional info or to place your order.

Stewart’s Shops

As if you didn’t already know, Stewart’s has basically conquered every beverage offering possible from beer to energy drinks. And of course we all know about their high-quality milk, which is collected from local family farms. So naturally they produce a premium eggnog. They also have a light nog, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Today Stewart’s Shops has 335 locations across upstate New York and southern Vermont so chances are you can get to a location within minutes of reading this article. To find a store, drive in any direction, you will run into a Stewart’s Shop momentarily. Or, I guess you could also visit the Stewart’s website.

Now go get yourself some nog. You can thank us later!