They can... OK, count us in!!

As a Saratoga Springs native and proud dog mom of two, I frequently find myself researching fun and exciting new places to dine, exercise, and socialize with my pampered furry children.

Saratoga Springs is known as a “dog-friendly” town where there is ALWAYS a paw-some furry event happening. I will keep you updated on the latest dog-friendly events as well as all the exciting options around town for dogs and owners alike, some with my personal experiences, pictures, and testimonials!

A little bit about me and my furry babies:

I am a first-grade teacher in Galway NY, about 20 minutes outside of Saratoga. In my free time, I am usually running, reading or catering to my ever-needy pooches. I currently have two *rescue* pups that I am proud to call my “children”.

My oldest, Sadie, is a Miniature Australian Shepherd who is 5 “going on 25” with her spunky attitude. She is an Adirondack-Save-A-Stray graduate who has successfully run my life the past (almost) six years. She is also certified as an Emotional Support Animal and comes into my 1st-grade classroom as much as possible!

My younger pup is Teddy, a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix, who I rescued from H.O.P.E. (Homes For Orphaned Pets Exist) last April. He is my first male dog and definitely “ALL DUDE” as my mom likes to say. My husband was not keen on the idea of bringing a second dog into our lives because of our busy schedules and the ease at which Sadie travels, behaves and fits into our lives. After seeing Teddy on Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection last winter, I instantly fell in love. Needless to say, Ted was in our home a week later.

Ted is an avid runner and has logged up to a half marathon on the streets of Saratoga Springs with me. He has absolutely no regard for personal space and enjoys hugging everyone he meets.

My dogs are my world and bring happiness into my life each and every day! There truly is nothing like the love of an animal, and there is no town better for dogs than Saratoga Springs! I hope to bring some stories, advice and dog-friendly happenings into your life so that you and your pets can have as much fun as I do with mine! Oh and I occasionally do some fun things without them too.

Cheers and sloppy kisses!