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Yes Darling: Ryan Montbleau/Hayley Jane

Ryan Montbleau and Hayley Jane are the new powerhouse duo, Yes Darling.

Singer-songwriter and bandleader Ryan Montbleau has quipped that his job would be easier if his music could be pigeon-holed, but fans love his electic mash-up of styles. His songcraft and powerful, uplifting voice are nothing short of wholehearted--tackling intense topics just as easily as expressing life's simple, everyday joys. Montbleau develops a tight relationship with his audience. In his words, "Im trying to draw you in and get you to listen and get you to feel things kind of, lock in with your truth by telling you mine. His most recent album is 2017's "I Was Just Leaving." Recorded in New Orleans and produced by Anders Osborne, the record is marked by unguarded reflection and deep feelings at the end of a decade of intense career building.

Hayley Jane is a singer, songwriter, dancer and multi instrumentalist who brings a precious and contagious energy to the world. She commands the stage with style, grace and dynamic force. Hayley Jane is a rising star that is rapidly earning her place as a gem in the music industry. Her national touring act is called Hayley Jane & The Primates. The band combines Americana, soul and rock & roll with rich lyrical imagery that electrifies the heart. Hayley incorporates a mix of choreographed and improvisational dancing which gives the show extra vibrancy and an energy that captivates the audience.

2/14/2018 - 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Caffè Lena
47 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Sarah Craig