Here's where you grab a cocktail in Saratoga Springs, if you seriously care about what you’re drinking.

For a town that’s as serious about its bars as it is horse racing, it’s no wonder that Saratoga Springs has more places to grab a drink than your average city. Navigating the scene here can be intimidating.

There are a lot of places to choose from, and whether you’re in the mood for a dive bar, brewery or a great glass of wine – you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for.

When it comes to finding the best cocktails in town, however, let us save you some time. Here are our top three picks:

Salt & Char

If you don’t walk down Broadway and gasp at the beauty of Salt & Char’s stately front porch and think to yourself, “I need to be drinking on that patio immediately!” then we probably won’t ever be friends. The cocktail menu features mostly elevated steakhouse classics punctuated with a few whimsical originals. Boasting an equally impressive interior bar, you’ll be sipping in style at this see-and-be-seen establishment.

15 Church

If you’re lucky enough to score a seat at the bar inside this beautifully restored building, do yourself a favor… sit your pretty little self down and take advantage of one of the best beverage programs Saratoga has to offer. No such luck? Not to worry, The Patio at 15 Church, directly adjacent to the restaurant, is amazing too. If you’re visiting Saratoga in the warmer months, take advantage of this more expansive, open-air space and enjoy the same cocktail list as inside. The menu features mostly original, specialty cocktails crafted with premium spirits and fresh ingredients.

Hamlet & Ghost

Here you’ll experience Saratoga’s most distinguished craft cocktail bar, melding the modern cocktail experience with classic speakeasy coolness. Don’t let the Caroline Street address fool you, you won’t find shots of Fireball here. Equipped with a doorman to control the crowd, you can enjoy your meticulously prepared and stunningly flavored beverage comfortably, giving you plenty of room to maneuver the perfect angle for capturing these Instagram worthy cocktail creations. Hashtag, delicious A.F.